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Roger Waters reminds fans of a wrongful detention and demands the release of his 'friend'

By Selin Hayat Hacialioglu

Former Pink Floyd co-founder and bassist, Roger Waters, recently posted an informative video on his Twitter account and reminded his followers of the case of Steven Donziger who has been under house arrest for over 570 days waiting for his trial.

As you probably know, aside from a legendary rockstar, Roger Waters is also known for his fierce activism. He often uses his Twitter account as a platform where he can express his views on social and political matters, invite his fans to join the causes that he wholeheartedly supports, and raise awareness.

In his recent tweet, he reminded his fans of the wrongful detention of Steven Dozinger and demanded the people responsible for this, let him go. As you may recall, some years ago there was a big trial in the United States during which Steven Donziger stood against a multinational energy corporation Chevron that dumped toxic and cancer-causing oil waste onto the ancestral lands of Ecuadorians.

Steven Donziger did win the case and even helped Ecuador citizens get $9.8 billion for causing such massive contamination of their lands. However, Chevron started fighting back and sued Donziger who got disbarred without even a hearing. Since August 2019, Donziger has been under house arrest waiting for his trial, which keeps getting postponed.


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