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Sign The Petition to Drop All Charges Against Steven Donziger


Target: We aim to send this petition to the Justice Department with our over 30,000 signatures


For almost 30 years this father, human rights advocate, and attorney has been fighting for Indigenous people who were poisoned by Chevron’s 16 billion gallons of toxic oil dumping in the Amazon. The oil company then strong-armed a US judge & now he’s under unconstitutional house arrest for over 600 days for protecting his sources - which he has a legal obligation to do - so they don’t go after them, too. If this could happen to him, could happen to you or anyone who dares to speak up against a corporation. 


Sign the petition now: Drop The Charges.

Join Amnesty International USA and 12 other human rights groups to call on the United States Department of Justice to remove the Chevron law firm from prosecuting the case and to DROP THE CHARGES against Steven Donziger.

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