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Art for Ecuador

An artist driven exhibition of works to raise funds for U.S. lawyer and human rights activist Steven Donziger.


Works from a dozen artists around the world who care about human rights activism, climate justice and a fair justice system will be exhibited on the site.  Each work will be accompanied by a paragraph about the artist, work, size of the piece, medium, and finally, the price. (Approximate shipping costs to the U.S. will be included in the price of each work).


The funds raised will assist Steven Donziger in his current fight against American oil giant Chevron.


Funds will help in his advocacy and legal efforts. Chevron has frozen his assets and he has been disbarred. His trial in NY is scheduled for May 10. Donziger has been fighting for the indigenous peoples of Ecuador v. Chevron since 1993. He and his legal team made history with a historic $9.5 billion judgement in 2011, but not a dime has been paid by Chevron to date to those in Ecuador who continue to suffer at Chevron's hands....


Global Auudience: Mr. Donziger has 40,000 followers on Twitter and a global following of NGO's, Nobel Laureates and celebrities including Sting and Trudie Styler, Daryl Hannah, Roger Waters, Misha Collins, Tom Arnold, Alec Baldwin (all in the U.S.) plus activists and environmentalists, lawyers and scholars and law students and professors worldwide. We will push "Art for Ecuador" in a press release to media, and on all social media platforms.

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